Music composition services

Commissioned music and services

We offer music composition services for movies, music for television and radio, musical creation for documentaries, as well as for performing arts, such as music for theater and circus, or music for video games. We also offer environments and sound effects creation to incorporate into the composition.

We have the equipment and experience to offer sound recording, sound design and postproduction services.

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Musical collaborations

We offer collaboration with all producers, directors, artists or developers who need to enhance their projects with powerful audiovisual tools at affordable prices.

Animation and Film Studios • Musical groups • Documentary producers • Advertising studies • Theater and Circus Companies • Television • Radio • Sound art • Publishing …. and any project with audiovisual format.

Contact us and we will happily assist you in transforming your project into reality.


Personalized music

We create personalized musical compositions, 100% original, adding value to the audiovisual work.

Custom music composition offers many advantages over gallery or pre-designed music.
One of the advantages of creating custom music is the flexibility in the creative process, as it allows one to modify parts of the composition as the project progresses, add the nuances necessary for the scene, and even create sound effects and environments as required.

Sound effects and environment creation

Projects usually need more than an original song to create the required ambience.

To do this we create sound elements using audio production techniques and tools.

It may be necessary to incorporate sounds such as the closing of the door or a rainy environment, for example. Often we introduce locutions or special sound effects to emphasize aspects of the images.

Sound design and music postproduction

We shape any musical project

We take care of the musical composition as well as the instrumentation, mixing and postproducction, from the initial idea to the final production, we use the latest music editing programs.

Sound design includes both the execution and editing of previously composed or recorded audio, such as instrument recording, sound effects and voiceovers.


Creative Process

Communications client and compos er is a critical factor in achieving a high quality product.

Whether via personal meetings or using new collaborative technologies, Vibrants offers you the ability to contact the composer directly to share and transmit the needs of the project easily and immediately, thus being able to participate in the entire creative process.


First we listen to the client needs to understand work, unify and strengthen their project ideas through the use of songs and sound effects


Next we write, edit, mix and finally deliver an artistic simulation to the client


Then together with the client we refine any necessary aspects to create the desired result


Finally, when everything is perfect, we deliver the final audio track to the client