Commissioned music

Sound design


We shape any musical project


We create custom projects and take care of the musical composition as well as the instrumentation, recording, direct sound recording, mixing and post-producction.

Our Philosophy

We believe that emotions are the foundation of any act or thought in our lives. Music, as a powerful vehicle to transform these emotions, transports us, makes us imagine and finally helps us project what we want to achieve, in a simple and attractive way.

That’s why at Vibrants we analyze every detail of the project to be sonorized. Because each project is unique and unrepeatable, it requires a particular analysis that takes into account the purpose of the product and the emotional feeling it has to create.

Let’s vibrate!


Soundtrack 1 – Vibrants songs
  1. 1. Soundtrack 1 – Vibrants songs
Soundtrack 2 – Vibrants songs
  1. 1. Soundtrack 2 – Vibrants songs
Cobarde – Créditos
  1. 1. Cobarde – Créditos
  2. 2. Cobarde – Escena 1
  3. 3. Cobarde – Introducción