Example music

See the importance of music in this example

Watch this scene with two different soundtracks produced by Vibrants

The applied or incidental musical composition is a very important factor in any audiovisual, cinematographic, documentary, scenic or advertising work.

It complements and enhances the emotiveness of the moment, being able to either intensify or completely change the emotional result, and even the development and perception of the scene.

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Vibrants’s Sample songs

Hear some examples

  1. 1. Afternoon
  2. 2. Brain
  3. 3. Climb
  4. 4. Elba
  5. 5. Epopeya
  6. 6. Hang Vibrants Sun
  7. 7. Happon
  8. 8. Jerusalem
  9. 9. Pou
  10. 10. Saintz
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